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ARC Lab Members

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Rebecca Carey

Lab Director



Emma Miller

Lab Manager

Emma is interested in understanding how we use the language of everyday conversation to create relationship microcultures. She received her B.A. in History from Brown University and her M.A. in Psychology from New York University. Before joining the ARC Lab, she was a Research Assistant in the Trope Lab at NYU and the Higgins Lab at Columbia University. She loves to walk habitual paths through parks with close friends.


Helen Wang

Research Assistant

Helen is a senior at Princeton University majoring in Psychology and pursuing certificates in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience. She is interested in studying how childhood trauma and adversity can shape interpersonal decision-making in adulthood. In her spare time, she also habitually hunts down exotic NYC dessert cafes to try with friends.


Samantha Carrizales

Research Assistant

Samantha is a junior at Princeton University majoring in Medical Anthropology. She is interested in understanding how sociocultural markers influence disparities and how these experiences of disparity give rise to particular forms of care relations. She enjoys regularly sharing moments of joy through cooking and baking (she's a big fan of making banana bread!) with her loved ones.


Tiffanie Cheng

Research Assistant

Tiffanie is a sophomore at Princeton University majoring in Psychology and minoring in East Asian Studies. She is interested in studying why mental health is stigmatized in Asian communities and she hopes to find ways to bridge the gap between the two. For a ritual, Tiffanie conducts a secular food prayer with her partner before they have a meal to appreciate the time together and the delicious food.


Luna Carey

Lab Pup

Luna is studying the processes by which we can avoid peeing when excited. How do our close relationships influence our ability to regulate our bodies? She knows how to sit and heel when asked. Her favorite nightly tradition is stealing Rebecca’s napkin at the end of a meal.


Sunny Carey

Lab Pup

Sunny is researching why the blue toy tastes so good. More specifically, he is investigating whether we can eat toys without experiencing shame or stomach problems. He knows how to sit when asked. Sunny’s favorite tradition is riding in the car, and it does not matter whose car it is.


ARC Lab is growing!

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